By the time Alisa Spector Angelo was in junior high, she was leaving school at noon to devote the next six hours of her day to training for the Olympics. As an elite gymnast, she quickly learned successful teams reflect the caliber of their leadership. Successful teams are built through shared goals. Successful teams are the collection of individuals reaching their potential.

Alisa’s athletic background transferred seamlessly into the corporate world where she quickly became the youngest executive of Shandon Inc.’s operating group. Her drive to build a company centered around the employee experience while nurturing her family was the genesis of Compass.

Twenty years later, Compass is a family of elite professionals. Just as Alisa learned years ago, successful teams require high caliber leadership, which is why Moira Singer and Kelly Radomski were promoted to Vice Presidents in 2017. Under the team’s leadership, the product line encompasses every aspect of the employee experience including the recent addition of human resources technology solutions.