Guiding Treasured Community Resources


  • Professional performing arts company and school
  • Community-based theater program for young, urban artists
  • Statewide women’s programming and policy development organization
  • Professional membership association focused on grant development
  • Community organization focusing on the safety of vulnerable youth and young adults
  • Community-based organization creating a more inclusive community


Each non-profit organization required human resources guidance such as compliance, training, performance management, talent acquisition, employee engagement, and/or general human resources support. While each organization was unique, their need for support, tools, and communication techniques to ensure compliant operations were consistent regardless of their mission and size. Compass was engaged by each to provide a robust set of deliverables that maximized available funds and provided comprehensive solutions that could be self-managed by the organizations upon the conclusion of the projects.



With each engagement, Compass collaborated with the organizational leaders to assess specific needs. Compass relied on their deep experience across multiple industries and continuously growing resources collection of best practices to develop custom solutions for each organization.

Compass implemented the following strategies:

  • Created branded employee resource manuals incorporating the unique voice and perspective of each organization while addressing key compliance issues in a comprehensive, user-friendly guide.
  • Delivered harassment prevention training geared towards specific experiences and concerns for each organization. This involved sensitively addressing issues affecting youth, women, LGBTQ+, race, and those with disabilities.
  • Established specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART), goal-driven performance management programs designed to advance the organization’s mission and affect a quantifiable ROI for these grant-funded programs.
  • Implemented a best-practice HR Toolkit to ensure legal compliance with all talent-management processes, documentation, and record-keeping.
  • Established a results-oriented talent management process to recruit and retain high performers. Trained those responsible for recruiting on legally compliant hiring and interviewing practices.
  • Conducted tailored employee surveys, focus groups, and interviews on assessing motivation and engagement, analyzing trends, and influencing a variety of outcomes including leadership development, communication, and employee benefits.



Organizational leaders cited having an increased level of confidence after Compass talked through specific organizational needs, designed solutions, and executed deliverables. Throughout the entire process, Compass actively served as the HR partner for each organization, available to respond to all employee relations, on-the-spot leadership coaching, and compliance issues. Compass trained internal team members to allow the organization to stand on its own and remain compliant.

Overall, Compass’s efforts resulted in more connected and engaged teams due to the enhanced communication and implementation of appropriate human resource practices.