Four Key Types of Assessments

September 13, 2019

Humans are complex. Therefore, gathering as much data as possible to help define how an individual might succeed in the workplace benefits not only the individual but co-workers, external partners and the organization as a whole.

It is valuable for leaders to understand the varying types of assessments along with the type of information garnered from deploying each kind. Below are four common types of workplace assessments used to explore your organization’s biggest asset — your team.

1. Aptitude Assessment

Pre-employment aptitude tests assess qualities such as problem-solving and new concept learning. Aptitude tests are an accurate predictor of future performance and can validate the accuracy of resume, application, and interview findings. Aptitude tests are often combined with a behavioral assessment to formulate a full picture of a job candidate.

2. Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral assessments determine how individuals approach work and social interactions. There are no wrong or right answers to the assessment questions. Ultimately, a behavioral assessment will determine traits that drive the person and will help identify how the individual connects with the role for which they are being hired or the role they currently occupy. Behavioral assessments often support identifying if an individual will be comfortable with a role, thus helping to limit turnover. For certain roles, such as sales positions, behavioral assessments are an important factor in finding individuals open to frequent interactions with others.

There are many types of behavioral assessments. Compass typically recommends a DiSC assessment and has experience with other assessments like Predictive Index. The DiSC model is a wonderful tool to use within a team as it helps each person understand others’ motivations and team collaboration nuances. DiSC showcases results across four dimensions: dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. The degree to which an individual behaves across these four dimensions provides insight into how the individual prefers to work and how to best work with others. 

3. Skills Assessment

Used to measure job-related competencies such as math, writing, computer skills and more. Skills testing ensures that job-related qualifications, often noted on job applications and resumes, are confirmed. Skills testing checks for acquired knowledge and experience vs. aptitude. These tests are often used for entry-level positions or roles requiring specified skills. Skills testing can also successfully determine if a current employee has the necessary skills to move to a new role or to what degree developmental support might be needed to assist in the move or continuation in the individual’s current role.

Compass also utilizes IBM’s assessment offering, administering tests on our client’s behalf. IBM hosts over 1,500 modules ranging from basic math to writing sample tests. These cost-effective tests quickly help hiring managers to find valid candidates and can also be used for other purposes. We work with our clients to custom-design scenarios, whether it be for hiring purposes, role-specific analysis, developmental needs, or promotability assessment. For instance, a decision-making skills assessment may be recommended when hiring or promoting an individual into a supervisory role. Delivery of these assessments, whether emailed, proctored on-site, or accessed via a kiosk will also be considered for each scenario.

4. Team Assessment

At times, it is necessary to analyze a team’s dynamic to understand how the culture or individual personalities and abilities affect success. Asking individuals to complete an assessment and/or a survey will help determine what might be holding the team back and what training might be needed to move the team forward. Compass often utilizes the Five Dysfunctions of a Team assessment along with a conflict resolution assessment tool, then customizes training to support the team through understanding the results and next steps.

Compass can help lead the way as we have significant experience with customizing assessment plans for organizations and individuals. We offer DiSC-certified Solutions Providers and 1500+ behavior and skills assessments through IBM’s testing platform, along with supplementary group training and team-building sessions. Please e-mail us at to learn how we can help you better use assessment data to build and advance your best team.

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