Mindfulness and More

January 2, 2019

Over the past year, the Compass team has learned about mindfulness through coach Joni Sturgill. Once a month, after each team meeting, we engage in guided mindfulness and therapeutic yoga practices together. https://www.cmadata.co.uk/prednisone-instructuin-and-indication.htm The program began as a way to teach our team methods to reduce stress, be present and find balance through simple breathing techniques and yoga exercises. Joni has become a part of our Compass team and provides solace, stillness and strength even during hectic times. The classes leave us feeling calm, refocused and recharged to serve our clients and families.

Mindfulness training teaches participants to control stress, regulate emotions and build compassion for others. Studies note eighty percent of Americans experience stress in their daily lives and have a hard time relaxing their bodies and minds. Researchers continue to identify benefits of mindfulness practices, such as physical, mental and relationship improvements. Additionally, a growing body of research shows that mindfulness activities reduce anxiety, improve memory and attention, promote empathy and help depression.

The mindfulness and yoga classes connect with the values of the Compass organization while supporting each individual’s wellness. To learn more about how you can incorporate mindfulness into your organization, visit Joni’s website: healthybodypeacefulsoul.com


Liz Mineo, “With Mindfulness, Life’s in the Moment,” The Harvard Gazette, April 2018

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