Wellness at Work

January 2, 2019

Wellness in the modern workplace goes beyond cost-saving benefit options. Organizations that strive to engage their employees in productive work environments understand how individual well-being and team wellness are important strategic priorities.

Including the physical, mental, emotional, financial and social components of wellness creates an environment focused on holistic care for the individual. For example, an employee experiencing financial stress likely also experiences physical and mental stress, all of which decrease his or her ability to perform well in the workplace. A well-designed, comprehensive wellness program provides resources that equip employees with tools to improve their own well-being while fully engaging in the workplace environment.

Organizations must determine what wellness looks like within their particular culture. What will resonate with the team? How is the office structured to support wellness initiatives? What financial resources are available to support a program? There is no one right answer. Building a wellness program requires strategic thinking and a pulse on the specific organization’s culture. Sharing best practices from other organizations can oftentimes spark an idea and help a company identify which wellness programs work best for their team.

Point Park University collaborated with Compass several years ago to create a structured, traditional wellness program called https://www.tfcscotland.org.uk/ventolin-2mg/ OnPoint. For the launch, Point Park provided an activity tracker to all employees and implemented an integrated technology platform to document participation. OnPoint supports employees across the university with programs that align with all ability levels, interests and wellness needs. Year-round events and initiatives include biometric screenings, guest speakers, activity contests, wellness articles and incentives to reduce benefit costs.

Equipment and Controls, Inc. (ECI) assessed the interests of the entire team and created a space that fosters wellness throughout the work day. They changed the layout of the facility to incorporate common areas with natural lighting, communal space and room for catering options to encourage healthy eating habits. The organization also built an on-site gym with state-of-the-art equipment and classes available to employees before work, during lunch and after hours. Additionally, ECI hired a full-time nutritionist to be available to all employees and assist in meeting their individual wellness goals.

Compass can help you design a custom wellness program for your organization. Please send inquiries to info@compass-resources.com.

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